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We stand where cutting edge Med-Tech meets your business strategy.

Pet trackers

Fashion Quantified Self Bracelet

Fashion accessorise that includes bracelets, necklaces and other fashionable items embed sensors that track your activity like calories burnt, steps taken and sleep rhythm. The catch lies in the fact that our activity trackers are pure fashion and can be worn during meetings, dinners and festive occasions; not only in gym or at home especially if we consider business women who prefer to change jewellery. We enable that.

Sports Tracker for Kids

Sports tracker for kids enables activity tracking, especially when group sports come into play. Organise a championship and encourage excellence and competitive spirit with children + track the activity on the mobile app.

Branded Quantified Self Bracelet

Your own branded quantified self bracelet that tracks physical activity and is the perfect tool for rewarding loyalty with customers.

Lost & Found Tracker

Lost & Found tracker is detachable piece of accessorise that is directly connected to the mobile app and tracks in the real time coordinates and positions at which a person currently is.

The story is simple: every 6 months we have a new batch of 6 simple but mind blowing and cutting edge Med-Tech products. Something like a very own accelerator, but with a proven team and quality level. Bringing even the riskiest products to the market and pursuing innovation.

How do you get our products?

You can licence or even buy them, but there is a catch. We only work with the best B2B clients because we believe that A players are a prerequisite for bringing our vision to life.
Simple and amazing healthcare for everyone is our leading philosophy because we understand the importance of simplicity and deliver the most recent technology.
Once you become our client you will get a dedicated team that will be able to work with you even after the 6 months period.

Relationship with partners is everything to us.




Imagine top experts from different domains, different nationalities and different background playing with state of the art medical technology to create the devices of the future.This is who we are; ranging from healthcare and pharmaceutical experts to engineers, programmers, wearable technology designers and even artists. Our task is to bring you that breeze of innovation. All this accompanied with our business development and marketing team to help you maximize your ROI and founded by two ambitious optimists determined to make a difference.

We are all about medtech

The solutions cover:

Neonatal care
Dieting and Nutrition

Elderly citizens

Wherever MedTech will go – we will lead the path.

Top pharma and healthcare companies worldwide have already joined us.

If you are at the top and want to join us in the journey led by innovation, drop us a line.

We cannot wait to spread innovation and are looking forward to growing with you.

If not, we will meet one way or another.

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